About me

I am a PhD Student at the Centre for Psychiatry Research, Department for Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet. I am also a psychiatric nurse at the Stockholm needle exchange program.

My focus of research is harm reduction and prevention of mortality in people who inject drugs.

My main supervisor is Anders Hammarberg and co-supervisors are Martin Kåberg and Jessica Storbjörk.

Research description

PhD project

The overall goal of my doctoral thesis is to investigate mortality and morbidity among clients in the Stockholm needle exchange with the aim of tailoring preventive measures to the needs of people who inject drugs.

A key strategy that can reduce fatal opioid overdoses is to implement Take-Home-Naloxone programs. Naloxone is an opioid-specific antagonist that swiftly and efficiently alters the effect of an opioid overdose, by reversing respiratory depression which can prevent a fatal outcome. Take-Home-Naloxone programs provide naloxone directly to individuals at risk of experiencing or witnessing an overdose, in order to shorten the time to overdose reversal. In the majority of heroin-related overdoses, death does not occur until 20-30 minutes after use, offering a window for pharmaceutical interventions to reverse the overdose.

In my PhD project, I am studying the impact of the Take-Home-Naloxone program in the Stockholm needle exchange through quantitative as well as qualitative methods.

I am also planning further studies on drug related mortality and causes of death in people who inject drugs.

NaLPORS: Naloxone Prospective Observational Cohort Research Study

I am involved in NaLPORS; an international research project, coordinated by researchers in King’s College London. This is a prospective mixed methods study of the effectiveness of naloxone administration by lay people in reversing opioid overdose that will investigate and compare Take-Home-Naloxone programs in several European countries.