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Emelie Thern

Emelie Thern

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About me

I have a Bachelor in Psychological Science from the University of Queensland, Australia and a Master in Public Health from Lund University. I am currently a PhD-student at the department of Public Health Sciences, Research group of Child and Adolescent Epidemiology.

Research description

My PhD thesis involves exploring the long-term consequences of increased alcohol availability. In two Swedish counties, between 1 November 1967 and 15 July 1968, strong beer containing 4.5% -5.6% alcohol by volume became available for purchase in regular grocery stores for individuals 16 years or older. Prior and after this experiment, and in the rest of Sweden, strong beer was only available for purchase at the Swedish alcohol retail monopoly, Systembolaget, where the age limit was kept at 21 years. Using this natural experiment setting of an alcohol policy change, I will explore effects of increased alcohol availability on alcohol-related health problems, disability pension and criminal behavior among the children exposed in utero and the individuals exposed in late adolescence. A second part of my PhD thesis is to investigate the long-term effects of youth unemployment on mental health during periods of overall high and low unemployment rates, using the time-period before and during the economic crisis in 1991-1994.

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