Emelie Thern

Emelie Thern

Postdoctoral researcher

About me

I am currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher at the Unit of Occupational medicine. I defended my thesis "Alcohol-related Health Problems and Crime: Studies on the long-term consequences of increased alcohol availability and unemployment" in 2018.

Research description

My main research interests revolve around health inequalities and social determinants of health, with a particular focus on social inequality in alcohol-related harm, health, and labor market attachment later in life as well as precarious employment and health. 

I am the PI of:

  1. Forte- funded project: The long-term health and social consequences of exposure to precarious employment at a young age. (2020-2023)
  2. AFA Insurance-funded project: Determinants and consequences of risk use in working life (2023-2025)

I am currently involved in these research projects:

  1. Swedish Research Council (VR)- funded research project: Social inequalities in health and labor market attachment among older workers – the importance of childhood circumstances and physical and psychosocial work environments over the entire working life. Principal investigator: Tomas Hemmingsson.
  2. Forte-funded research program: A sustainable working life for all - challenges and future opportunities. (2021-2027) Principal investigator: Daniel Falkstedt 
  3. Länsförskringar Insurance- funded project: Symptom networks to predict long-term pain and mental illness using the conscription cohort and national registries. (2022-2024) Principal Investigator: Karin Jensen


Recent publications:

  1. Thern E, Falkstedt D, Almroth M, Kjellberg K, Landberg J, Bodin T, Melin B, Hemmingsson T. Educational qualification differences and early labor market exit among men: the contribution of labor market marginalization measured across the working life. BMC Public Health. 2022 May 20;22(1):1015.
  2. Thern E, Lanberg J, Hemmingsson T. Educational differences in labor market marginalization among mature-aged working men: the contribution of early health behaviors, previous employment histories, and poor mental health. BMC Public Health. 2020; 20(1).
  3. Thern E, Landberg J. Understanding the differential effect of alcohol consumption on the relation between socioeconomic position and alcohol‐related health problems: results from the Stockholm Public Health Cohort. Addiction. 2020.
  4. Thern E, Ramstedt M, Svensson J. Long-term effects of youth unemployment on alcohol-related morbidity. Addiction. 2020; 115(3): 418-425.
  5. Thern E, Ramstedt M, Svensson J. The associations between unemployment at a young age and binge drinking and alcohol-related problems. European Journal of Public Health. 2020; 30(2): 368-373.


PhD in Medicine (Public Health), Karolinska Institutet, Sweden 

Master in Medical Science (with a Major in Public Health), Lund University, Sweden

Bachelor of Psychological Science, University of Queensland, Australia.