Emmi Andersson

Affiliated to research

About me

I am a MD and specialist in Clinical Microbiology and soon also in Infectious Diseases.  I got my medical degree from KI and since then I´ve been combining work in the laboratory and infectious disease department. Since 2013 I am a registered PhD student.

My PhD project is focused on newly diagnosed HIV infection and relies mainly on data from the Swedish InfCare HIV research database. We investigate the presence, nature and trends of baseline drug resistance in individuals diagnosed with HIV in Sweden. Within the EuroCoord modeling initiative, we design a model of HIV positive populations in Sweden. This is a promising approach to better estimate the proportion of undiagnosed individuals with HIV in Sweden. I am also involved in the development of biomarker based methods to estimate the time of infection in newly diagnosed patients.

The aim of my studies is to increase knowledge of the undiagnosed HIV positive populations in Sweden, to guide preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic efforts, with special emphasis on migrant populations.