Enrichetta Mileti

About me

I obtained my bachelor degree in Biology in December 2012 at University of L’Aquila.

In the meanwhile, the importance of Bioinformatics in biological analysis has become more and more important and my curiosity in use it as well.

This prompted me to join the International Master in Bioinformatics in 2013 at Bologna University and I received my Master degree in Bioinformatics in July 2014.

In October 2014, I joined the Carsten Daub group as Scientific Trainee and since February 2015 I am registered as PhD student.

Research description

The main focus of my PhD project is the study of gene regulatory basis of insulin resistance in human subcutaneous white adipose tissue.

Further, my interest is not only the identification of genes expressed in different insulin conditions, but also identifying biological factors which can influence the transcription of insulin-related genes, such as promoter-distal regulatory regions like enhancers.

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