About me

I am professor at the division of physiotherapy, KI with a joint position between KI and at Karolinska University Hospital and affiliated to Stockholms Sjukhem. Currently, I also work as vice-chair of the committee of doctoral studies  2019-2022) and acting Head of Department (biträdande prefekt) at the department of NVS with responsibility as “temaprefekt” for the collaboration with Theme Womens Health and Allied Health Professionals at Karolinska University Hospital. I also work as scientific director of the uMOVE core facility at KI and member of its steering group.

I obtained my bachelor degree and professional diploma in Physiotherapy at the College of Caring Science in Boden, Sweden, master of physioterapy at KI and PhD in medical sciences at KI with the theisis Effects of healthy aging on balance : A quantitative analysis of clinical tests. I thereafter made my postdoctoral training under the supervision of Professors Fay Horak and Victor Gurfinkel at the Balance Disorders Laboratory at Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, USA.

Research description

My research focus is on balance (postural control) and motor control with a special interest in elderly and individuals with neurological disorders (Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, cerebellar ataxia and stroke). I have unique competence in both clinical and laboratory methods for measuring postural control and movement.  I lead  a research group of 15-20 members with a focus  on translational research from exploring neuronal mechanisms to clinical interventions/implementation in the field of neurological and geriatric rehabilitation. Today my research group consists of me as leader and three team leaders/deputy group leaders (docents), 6 PhD students, two PhDs, four postdocs and two research assistants.

I am currently main supervisor for two PhD students (Alexander Kvist and Martina Bendt) funded by VR, KI, NEURO fonden, MontGomerys and co-supervising four PhD students. I am also currently supervising one postdoc. In the past I have supervised 5 PhD-student as main supervisor, 6 as co-supervisor, 7 postdoc’s and several master and bachelor students.

Teaching portfolio

My areas of teaching expertise are the field of postural control, motor control, elderly, falls, exercise, balance and gait specifically in relation to Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders or aging.  I have a special interest in laboratory and clinical measures for balance and gait abilities.I have a large experience in lecturing and leading seminars and laboratory work but also in individual supervision of student project, at bachelor, master and PhD level. I have also experience from course coordination and development of courses as well as examiner and moderator.

Other teaching merits are member of the board for the physiotherapy and occupational programs, chair of the theme committee for semester 6 of the physiotherapist programme, course coordination as well as the KI board of education.