Eva by photographer Johannes Frandsen

Eva Brinkman

Postdoctoral researcher

About me

Eva studied Life Science & Technology at the Delft University of Technology and University Leiden. After her studies she co-founded Science Matters, a company that is engaged in knowledge transfer of life sciences. To keep involved in research she joined the group of Prof. dr. Bas van Steensel at the Netherlands Cancer Institute Antoni van Leeuwenhoek in Amsterdam for a PhD study. As a spin-off of her research, the TIDE and TIDER software was developed by Eva in collaboration with Tao Chen and Bas van Steensel. TIDE and TIDER are web tools for easy assessment of the outcome of CRISPR/Cas genome editing experiments, and now widely used throughout the biomedical research community. In 2019 she started her postdoctoral studies in the lab of dr. Vicente Pelechano at Karolinska Institutet to develop a new technique to study heterogenic RNA and protein expression.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

  • KI Research Foundation Grant 2022-2023 (as junior researcher)
  • SSMF Postdoctoral Grant 2022
  • Cancerfonden Postdoctoral grant 2022
  • KI Research Foundation Grant 2020-2021
  • David and Astrid Hagelén Foundation fellowship 2020
  • EMBO long term fellowship 2019
  • BioSB Young Investigator prize 2019
  • AVL-award 2018