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Eva Hellström Lindberg

Professor/senior physician

About me

I am double specialist in hematology and internal medicine since 1993 and Professor of hematology at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge since 2009. I have worked within the translational research field for many years and been actively involved in strategic research questions. I have been president for the European Association of Hematology and for the Swedish Society of Hematology.

I am leading the Eva Hellström-Lindberg group – Myelodysplastic syndromes, at the Deparment of Medicine, Huddinge.

Research description

My research program focuses on the hemopoietic stem cell malignancy myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and include genetic, epigenetic, and cellular studies.

The aim is to understand mechanisms for disease progression, leukemic transformation, and erythroid failure. I also lead a clinical specialist program for patients with this disease, as well as the Nordic MDS research group, which drives a broad clinical trial and biomarker program.

Furthermore, I am Chair for the Center for Hematology and Regenerative Medicine at Campus Flemingsberg, a translational research environment combining basic and clinical competences within hematology, regenerative medicine and immunology.

Selected recent publications

Implications of TP53 allelic state for genome stability, clinical presentation and outcomes in myelodysplastic syndromes. Bernard E, Nannya Y, Hasserjian RP, Devlin SM, Tuechler H, Medina-Martinez JS, Yoshizato T, Shiozawa Y, Saiki R, Malcovati L, Levine MF, Arango JE, Zhou Y, Solé F, Cargo CA, Haase D, Creignou M, Germing U, Zhang Y, Gundem G, Sarian A, van de Loosdrecht AA, Jädersten M, Tobiasson M, Kosmider O, Follo MY, Thol F, Pinheiro RF, Santini V, Kotsianidis I, Boultwood J, Santos FPS, Schanz J, Kasahara S, Ishikawa T, Tsurumi H, Takaori-Kondo A, Kiguchi T, Polprasert C, Bennett JM, Klimek VM, Savona MR, Belickova M, Ganster C, Palomo L, Sanz G, Ades L, Della Porta MG, Elias HK, Smith AG, Werner Y, Patel M, Viale A, Vanness K, Neuberg DS, Stevenson KE, Menghrajani K, Bolton KL, Fenaux P, Pellagatti A, Platzbecker U, Heuser M, Valent P, Chiba S, Miyazaki Y, Finelli C, Voso MT, Shih LY, Fontenay M, Jansen JH, Cervera J, Atsuta Y, Gattermann N, Ebert BL, Bejar R, Greenberg PL, Cazzola M, Hellstrom-Lindberg E, Ogawa S, Papaemmanuil E Nat Med 2020 10;26(10):1549-1556 PMID: 32747829

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Male sex and the pattern of recurrent myeloid mutations are strong independent predictors of blood transfusion intensity in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes. Rydén J, Edgren G, Karimi M, Walldin G, Tobiasson M, Wikman A, et alLeukemia 2019 02;33(2):522-527

Aberrant splicing and defective mRNA production induced by somatic spliceosome mutations in myelodysplasia. Shiozawa Y, Malcovati L, Gallì A, Sato-Otsubo A, Kataoka K, Sato Y, et alNat Commun 2018 09;9(1):3649

Pseudouridylation of tRNA-Derived Fragments Steers Translational Control in Stem Cells. Guzzi N, Cieśla M, Ngoc PCT, Lang S, Arora S, Dimitriou M, et alCell 2018 05;173(5):1204-1216.e26

Megakaryocytes harbour the del(5q) abnormality despite complete clinical and cytogenetic remission induced by lenalidomide treatment. Scharenberg C, Jansson M, Saft L, Hellström-Lindberg E Br. J. Haematol. 2018 02;180(4):526-533

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Comprehensive mapping of the effects of azacitidine on DNA methylation, repressive/permissive histone marks and gene expression in primary cells from patients with MDS and MDS-related disease. Tobiasson M, Abdulkadir H, Lennartsson A, Katayama S

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I was previously involved in graduate training within ethics and communication skills. Presently I am focused on creating a good environment for post graduate students. I was previously Chair for doctoral studies at the Department of Medicine Huddinge for five years.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

  • I have received both junior and senior research awards from the Swedish Cancer Society.
  • In 2018 I received a Wallenberg Clinical Scholar grant; 3 million per year for 5 years.
  • In 2016, I received José Carreras Award: This year's premier hematological award in Europe.