Eva Wikstrom-Jonsson

Affiliated to teaching/tutoring

About me

I am working as a clinical pharmacologist in the healthcare system. Main clinical areas are pharmacological treatment of astma and COPD and adverse drug reactions including drug allergy.

Head of Drug information at Clinical pharmacology, Karolinska University Laboratory, Karolinska University Hospital.

Research description

Asthma and COPD studies in primary care

There are existing therapies which have shown excellent effect in clinical studies, but in everyday care many asthma patients achieve suboptimal control. We want to investigate factors that can improve the effects of pharmacological treatment in an everyday care setting, approaching the potential shown in randomized clinical trials. The present research programme comprises an ongoing prospective, randomized study in primary care, AQT (Asthma: Quality of life-guided Treatment), where the influence on asthma control of guiding asthma treatment using quality of life measurements is studied.

Other important factors are concordance/adherence and inhalation technique.

I am also involved in pharmacoepidemiological studies with focus on asthma and COPD.


MD PhD from Karolinska Institutet

Associate professor in Clinical Pharmacology