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Eva Torbjörnsson

Research description

Risk factors and outcome for limb amputation in patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease.


To live with critical ischemia is often associated with great suffering for the patient, with pain and problems walking. An important role in the care of these patients is the opportunity to provide a relief of pain for the patient. To reach that goal it is important to develop an optimal treatment strategy.

The aim of this thesis is to study patients with peripheral arterial disease regarding risk factors that can cause an amputation after vascular surgery. Risk factors for negative outcome after an amputation will also be studied.

Further patients that become an amputee will be studied regarding their experience about the decision of the amputation and their HRQoL before and one year after surgery.

Superviser Carin Ottosson.

Co-superviser Lena Blomgren, Ann-Mari Fagredahl samt Lennart Boström.

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