Felicia Jennysdotter Olofsgård

Felicia Jennysdotter Olofsgård

PhD student

I am a PhD student in Andrea Carmine Belin's lab where the main research focus is furthering the genetic knowledge regarding the mechanisms behind Cluster Headache and improving treatment options.

About me

I studied both my Bachelor and Masters in Biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet and got the opportunity to do two exchange terms abroad during my studies, at Leiden University and Trinity College Dublin. Neuroscience has been one of my top interests throughout my studies and through projects during my education I got the opportunity to research neuroinflammation in regards to Alzheimer’s disease and genetics behind headache disorders. I got the possibility to do my master thesis at Andrea Carmine Belin's lab where my interest for cluster headache research started and I am grateful I got the chance to continue this research as a PhD student where I hope our research can make a difference in the lives of Cluster headache patients. 

Research description

The main research focus of the lab is the genetics behind primary headache disorder, primarily Cluster Headache. Cluster Headache is characterized by excruciatingly painful headache attacks which can occur between one and eight times a day during an active bought. There are several treatment options for Cluster Headache, however, the efficacy of these treatments vary greatly between patients and as of yet there is no cure for the disease. My PhD is focused on investigating the circadian nature of the disease and the differences in treatment response between patients to hopefully allow for more knowledge regarding the optimal treatment for each patient.


Bachelor in Biomedicine - Karolinska Institutet

Exchange term (3rd semester) - Leiden University

Bachelor Thesis - Trinity College Dublin

Master in Biomedicine - Karolinska Institutet