Felix Grassmann

Felix Grassmann

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About me

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics. My research focuses on the genetic architecture of risk and prognosis of inherited diseases.

Research description

The main aspect of my research is to understand the genetic architecture of inherited diseases and how genetics influences disease severity and progression. While it is important to identify the precise genetic mechanism and pathway underlying disease risk and to shed light on the missing heritability, this knowledge alone will not be sufficient to effectively eliminate the burden of genetically determined diseases. Therefore, my research aims to understand the involvement of genetic factors in the consequence of diseases, particularly for diseases with limited or without treatment options since understanding the genetics of disease severity and progression is a potent method to identify novel targets for treatment. In addition, I am interested in understanding how diseases are genetically related in order to shed further light on the underlying genetic architecture and to potentially identify novel treatment options, since a shared genetic basis can point to shared treatment opportunities. Finally, my research focuses on alternative and less explored genetic markers such as somatic mosaicism of sex chromosomes, which are currently emerging as an important marker for both risk and severity of diseases and may have important implications for risk prediction and disease management.

Teaching portfolio

I have been actively involved in teaching since I started my PhD in 2011 and have given lectures and workshops and have supervised students in short term practical courses as well as in their final thesis projects.


Formal didactic education

Didactics in Medicine for Postdocs – Basic Course (16 work units)

Didactics in Medicine for Postdocs – Multiple choice exams for medical students (6 work units)

Didactics in Medicine for Postdocs – Rhetorics and  presentation in lectures (9 work units)

Didactics in Medicine for Postdocs – Competence-oriented education objectives (3 work units)


Student supervision final thesis project:

BSc Biology/Biomedicine/Biochemistry: 6 students

MSc Biology: 3 students

Doctoral thesis medicine: 3 students

Co-supervisor PhD: 3 students

Academic honours, awards and prizes

2018               Leopoldina Postdoc Fellowship

2016               Travel Grant “RD Meeting Travel Grant” 2016 (Kyoto, Japan)

2016               Pro Retina “Makula-Forschungspreis” (Excellence in Visual Science Award)

2015               Distinguished PhD-Thesis Award (University of Regensburg)

2015              Travel Grant “ARVO Travel Grant“ 2015 (Denver, Colorado, USA)

since 2013    Fellow at E-fellows.net

2012             ProRetina Travel Award (RD Meeting 2012)

2009             Alumni Award University of Regensburg

2009             ProRetina Poster Award

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