About me

I am a resident in pediatrics at Astrid Lindgren pediatric hospital, NKS/Solna and assistant professor of clinical muscle physiology. In Professor Thomas Sejersen’s research group I lead a multidisciplinary team of researchers working on questions spanning molecular muscle physiology, muscular adaptations to physical activity and systemic effects of acute and chronic endurance/resistance exercise in both children and adults.

Research description

I lead several projects focusing on skeletal muscle and physical actitivty. Examples of ongoing research projects are:

  • Ribosome biogenesis in health and disease.
  • Resistance exercise training in children.
  • Exercise physiology in individuals with cerebral palsy

Team members:

  • Emma Hjalmarsson, PT, PhD-student.
  • Linnéa Corell, MD/PhD-student.
  • Minying Cui, MD, PhD-student.
  • Baptiste Jude, Postdoc.
  • Sebastian Edman, Postdoc.
  • Kajsa Thulin, MD, PhD-student at Linköping University
  • Emil Rydell Högelin, MD, PhD-student at Linköping University
  • Abraham Nilsson, MD, PhD-student at Linköping University