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PhD, Senior Bioinformatician

Francesco Marabita


PhD, Senior Bioinformatician

About me

Senior Bioinformatician, Precision Cancer Medicine group (Olli Kallioniemi),  SciLifeLab - Deparment of Oncology-Pathology

In my current research position, I target the resolution of biological questions through integrative bioinformatics, with a focus on personalized health and epigenomics. I have been involved in developing and testing different analysis pipelines but most importantly in evaluating biological questions through comprehensive data analysis.

Research description

  • Precision Health 
  • Epigenomics of Multiple Sclerosis

Teaching portfolio

Past courses

  • Karolinksa Institutet Doctoral course 2667 - Practical course in microarray data analysis (course material)
  • Karolinksa Institutet Doctoral course 2570 – Introduction to R statistical analysis for biologists
  • Karolinksa Institutet Doctoral course 2601 – Epigenetics and its Applications in Clinical Research
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