George Samrani

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About me

I am a PhD-student at Aging Research Center, Karolinska Institutet.

Research description

My research involves the ability to control goal-irrelevant information in working memory, and how this control is affected with age.

How do we cope with past relevent, but now irrelevant information when it intrudes and disturbs current tasks or goals? Does our ability to control irrelevant information change as a function of age, or because of something else that happens in the brain? We mainly incorporate cognitive tasks, looking at accuracy and reaction times, using a relatively unique approach to investigate interference control. Further, our findings are backed up with brain imaging techniques (MRI, fMRI), where we specifically look at frontal regions of the brain known to be relevant in executive control processes. Combining both behavior- and brain data, my research aim to shed new understanding on how we actively deal with goal-irrelevant information in working memory.