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Giulia Gaudenzi

Affiliated to research

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About me

Giulia is an affiliated researcher at the Department of Public Health Sciences, Division of Global Health, in Assistant Prof. Tobias Alfvén's research group and full-time postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Nanobiotechnology in the Clinical Nanotechnology's subgroup led by Assistant Prof. Jesper Gantelius, at the Royal Institutet of Technology (KTH) and SciLifeLab, currently developing global health diagnostic solutions. 

Giulia did her Ph.D. studies in the field Molecular Neurobiology at the Department of Neuroscience in the laboratory of Dr. Ola Hermanson. During her degree she has managed several activities for students, ranging from Global Health advocacy events (Global Health Night) to scientific seminars series, online courses and outreach activities for the general public. Together with Karin Båge, she initiated and facilitated the course "Gender Health and Rights" based on Stanford's MOOC "International Women's Health and Human Rights". 

Giulia volunteers for the Swedish Organization for Global Health and she is a member of Karolinska Institutet's Kulturrådet group. 

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