About me

Senior consultant and Medical manager at the Delivery Department Huddinge, Pregnancy Care & Delivery, Karolinska University Hospital. Medical manager in Stockholm County regarding erythrocyte- and thrombocyte immunization during pregnancy. Associated researcher, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Clintec, KI

Research description

Main research field is within clinical obstetrics. Responsible for a research group investigating fetal and maternal effects after vacuum assisted instrumental delivery, including development of medical technical devices.   Has an interest in liver diseases during pregnancy.  Collaborates with Liver Center, Karolinska University Hospital regarding physiological changes in the liver during pregnancy as well as fatty liver, NAFLD, chronic liver diseases and pregnancy. Involved in development and research regarding erythrocyte- and thrombocyte immunization during pregnancy together with Division of Clinical Immunology and Transfusion medicine, KI and Karolinska University Hospital.


Organiser of annual courses in complicated pregnancies. Teaching interest in high-risk pregnancies, obstetric delivery and erythrocyte- and thrombocyte immunization in pregnancy. Author of Swedish textbooks chapters in obstetrics.