Hampus Holmer

Hampus Holmer

Postdoctoral researcher

About me

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at Karolinska Institutet interested in the intersection of global public health, politics, economics and diplomacy. I am a medical doctor by training and hold a PhD focused on global surgery, obstetrics and anaesthesia metrics.

I am also a part-time resident in social medicine/public health and am currently on leave of absence from KI to serve as a special advisor in global health for the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Research description

Selected publications

Implementation of non-communicable disease policies from 2015 to 2020: a geopolitical analysis of 194 countries. Allen LN, Wigley S, Holmer H Lancet Glob Health 2021 11;9(11):e1528-e1538

Catastrophic expenditure and impoverishment after caesarean section in Sierra Leone: An evaluation of the free health care initiative. van Duinen AJ, Westendorp J, Ashley T, Hagander L, Holmer H, Koroma AP, Leather AJM, Shrime MG, Wibe A, Bolkan HA PLoS One 2021 ;16(10):e0258532

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Travel time and perinatal mortality after emergency caesarean sections: an evaluation of the 2-hour proximity indicator in Sierra Leone. van Duinen AJ, Adde HA, Fredin O, Holmer H, Hagander L, Koroma AP, Koroma MM, Leather AJ, Wibe A, Bolkan HA BMJ Glob Health 2020 12;5(12):

Global health beyond geographical boundaries: reflections from global health education. Herzig van Wees S, Holmer H BMJ Glob Health 2020 05;5(5):

The rate and perioperative mortality of caesarean section in Sierra Leone. Holmer H, Kamara MM, Bolkan HA, van Duinen A, Conteh S, Forna F, Hailu B, Hansson SR, Koroma AP, Koroma MM, Liljestrand J, Lonnee H, Sesay S, Hagander L BMJ Glob Health 2019 ;4(5):e001605

Evaluating the collection, comparability and findings of six global surgery indicators. Holmer H, Bekele A, Hagander L, Harrison EM, Kamali P, Ng-Kamstra JS, Khan MA, Knowlton L, Leather AJM, Marks IH, Meara JG, Shrime MG, Smith M, Søreide K, Weiser TG, Davies J Br J Surg 2019 01;106(2):e138-e150

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Global distribution of surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and obstetricians. Holmer H, Lantz A, Kunjumen T, Finlayson S, Hoyler M, Siyam A, Montenegro H, Kelley ET, Campbell J, Cherian MN, Hagander L Lancet Glob Health 2015 Apr;3 Suppl 2():S9-11

The global met need for emergency obstetric care: a systematic review. Holmer H, Oyerinde K, Meara JG, Gillies R, Liljestrand J, Hagander L BJOG 2015 Jan;122(2):183-9

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Determining universal processes related to best outcome in emergency abdominal surgery: a multicentre, international, prospective cohort study. Bhangu A, Fitzgerald JE, Fergusson S, Khatri C, Holmer H, Søreide K, Harrison EM BMJ Open 2014 Oct;4(10):e006239



Teaching portfolio

I have been engaged in the undergraduate global health course at KI since 2019, initially as an accompanying teacher in Laos and Tanzania and later as course leader in 2020.


Postdoc, Karolinska Institutet, 2020–

Fulbright Commission Visiting Scholar, Duke University, 2020

PhD in Global Health and Surgery, Lund University, 2019

More information about my thesis here: Measuring global surgery, obstetrics and anaesthesia – from health systems to patients

Licensed Physician, Karolinska University Hospital, 2019

Medical Degree, Lund University, 2017

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Swedish Research Council International Postdoc Grant, 2020

Fulbright Commission Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 2020