About me

Has a PhD on human muscle atrophy and weakness following bedrest inactivity or spaceflight (1996), and is the inventor of a strength training apparatus (using gravity-independent flywheels) that has been used in microgravity studies by ESA and NASA. Also, muscular recruitment and force development during strength training and athletics were studied.

Current studies focus muscular weakness, gait disturbance and morphological changes, including muscular fat infiltration, in orthopaedic patients suffering from osteoarthritis (OA) of the lower limbs. Not only pain alleviation but also restored limb function is nowadays requested after joint replacement surgery. We have recently shown profound muscular atrophy and weakness in hipOA patients; persisting the first 2 years after total hip arthroplasty (THA). Hip, thigh and calf muscle atrophy is mapped out using computerized tomographic (CT) cross-sections. Maximum force development about hip and knee joints are measured using a developed dynamometer.

Another project studies the development and use of a small (focal) knee joint implant for small joint lesions Effective treatment methods for small cartilage defects is lacking. Young individuals may develop chronic disability following focal joint damages during sport, in the workplace or traffic accidents. A new implant and instruments has been developed within a Swedish medical technology project and used in pilot study in sheep. Bone ingrowth and cartilage wear is monitored.

Research description

Orthpaedics, muscle physiology.


Orthpaedics, muscle physiology.