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Helin Norberg

Helin Norberg

Senior researcher

About me

Senior Researcher and PI for research group  Protein degradation pathways at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

Research description

The fundamental cellular processes we are focusing on are the two major mechanisms by which cells degrade proteins: the ubiquitin- proteasome system (UPS) and the autophagy-lysosome pathways. Our aim is to understand the complexity of various degradation systems and its explicit interactions and mechanisms, with the ultimate goal to understanding how pathogenic proteins can be eliminated from the cells. In particular our research focuses on degradation of oncogenic protein in relation to cancer biology.

Currently, our main focus is on the following overarching projects:

1. The regulation, function and target(s) of DUBs in cancer.

2. The role of Chaperone-mediated Autophagy in cancer.

3. Dissecting the mechanism of oncogenic cargo selectivity.


Research Group:

Yuqing Hao, PhD, PostDoc,

Merve Kacal, Msc, PhD student.


Incoming 2019:

- A PostDoctoral researcher,

- A visiting international researcher,

- A masters Student.


Available positions:

We are seeking for a highly motivated, creative and innovative postdoctoral scientist to work on Chaperone-mediated Autophagy.

We welcome applications from well-qualified Masters students.



Dr. Amanda T. Ouchida

Dr. Gorbatchev Ambroise

Dr. Mathilda Eriksson

Dr. Adi Zheng

Dr. Tao Cui

Msc. Kristin Uth


Select Publications:

1. Targetome Analysis of Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy in Cancer Cells. Hao Y, Kacal M, Ouchida AT, Zhang B, Norberg N, Vakifahmetoglu-Norberg H. Autophagy. 2019 Mar 1.

2. USP10 regulates the stability of the EMT-transcription factor Slug/SNAI2. Ouchida AT, Kacal M, Zheng A, Ambroise G, Zhang B, Norberg E, Vakifahmetoglu-Norberg H. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2018 Aug 25;502(4):429-434

3. Queiroz AL, Vakifahmetoglu-Norberg H, Norberg E. Resistant to Targeted Therapy - Aim for Metabolic Liabilities. Theranostics 2018; 8(7): 2061-2063

4. Eriksson M, Ambroise G, Ouchida AT, Queiroz AL, Smith D, Gimenez-Cassina A, Iwanicki MP, Muller PA, Norberg E, Vakifahmetoglu-Norberg H. The effect of Mutant p53 Proteins on Glycolysis and Mitochondrial Metabolism.  Mol Cell Biol. 2017 Nov 28;37(24)

5. Zhang B, Zheng A, Hydbring P, Ambroise G, Ouchida AT, Goiny M, Vakifahmetoglu-Norberg, H*, Norberg E*. PHGDH Defines a metabolic subtype in lung adenocarcinomas with poor prognosis. Cell Reports 2017 Jun 13;19(11):2289-2303. * Co-corresponding

6. Degradation of HK2 by Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy promotes Metabolic Catastrophe and Cell Death. Xia X, Najafov A, Geng J, Han X, Galan-Acosta L, Shan B, Zhang, Norberg N, Zhang, Pan L, Liu, Coloff JL, Ofengeim D, Zhu H, Wu, Cai, Yates J, Yuan J, Vakifahmetoglu-Norberg H. Journal of Cell Biology. 2015 Aug 31;210(5):705-16.



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