About me

I am a researcher focused on developing bioactive materials using primarily clickable chemistry, bioorthogonal chemistry, and green chemistry. My very recent research activity has been focused on developing bioinspired synthetic "mucin-like" gels for lubrication and infection prophylaxis such as HIV-1 and HSV-2, as well as engineered "stable" mucin gels and gel microdroplets for microencapsulation of microtissues.  

Mater's dissertation projects are available. Please feel free to contact me.


  • Biopolymer-derived hydrogels for lubrication, prophylaxis against infection, implantation, and regenerative medicine

Martin Kretschmer, Rafeal Ceña-Diez, et al., Thomas Crouzier, and Hongji Yan*. Synthetic Mucin Gels with Self-healing Properties Augment Lubricity and Inhibit HIV-1 and HSV-2 Transmission. Advanced Science. 2022/09/14. 2203898. (Corresponding author).

Hongji Yan*Marcus Melin, et al., Haakan N. Joensson, and Thomas Crouzier. Immune-Modulating Mucin Hydrogel Microdroplets for the Encapsulation of Cell and MicrotissueAdvanced Functional Materials. 2021/07/21. (Corresponding author).

Kun Jiang, Hongji Yan, Carolin Rickert, et al., Oliver Lieleg, and Thomas Crouzier. Modulating the bioactivity of mucin hydrogels with crosslinking architectureAdvanced Functional Materials. 2021/03/03.

Hongji Yan, Morgan Hjorth,et al., Olver Lieleg, and Thomas Crouzier. Glyco-modification of mucin hydrogels to investigate its immune activityACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2020/04/17.

Hongji Yan, Cédric Seignez,et al., Mia Phillipson, and Thomas Crouzier. Immune-informed mucin hydrogels evade fibrotic foreign body response n vivoAdvanced Functional Materials. 2019/09/12.

VR starting grant 2023-2026. Applicant.

  • Mucin-derived nanoparticles.

Hongji Yan, Cristina Chircov, et al., Yolanda Hedberg, and, Thomas Crouzier. Reversible condensation of mucins into nanoparticles. Langmuir. 2018/10/26. 34(45).  13615-13625)

Ceren Kimna, Theresa Monika Lutz, Hongji Yan, Jian Song, Thomas Crouzier and Oliver LielegDNA StrandsTrigger the Intracellular Release of Drugs from Mucin-Based NanocarriersACS Nano. 2020/08/07

  • Advanced cancer models with the aim of refining, reducing, and replacing animal use in research.

VR-3R grant 2021-2023  (Applicant and the primary beneficiary of the project)

Juzhi Zhao, Ruiqi wang, et al., Hongji Yan*, and Weiming Tian*. A novel 4D Cell Culture Mimicking Stomach Peristalsis Altered Gastric Cancer Spheroids Growth and MalignanceBiofabrication. 2021/03/24.  (Corresponding author)

Shupei Qiao, Yufang Zhao, et al.Hongji Yan*, and Weiming Tian*. 3D Co-cultured Endothelial Cells and  Monocytes Promoted Cancer Stem Cells Stemness and Malignancy. ACS Applied Bio Materials. 2020/12/03. (Corresponding author)