About me

I currently work as a researcher at NVS, KI and Stockholm Gerontology Research Center.

Research description

My research is focused on the end of life and innovative participatory approaches to capitalize on experiential knowledge from the perspective of patients, family and staff to improve communication, wellbeing and the quality of care at the end of life.



1989 Registered Nurse, Hälsohögskolan Jägargatan 20, Stockholm

2005 Master of Science in Nursing, Marie Cederschiöld University, Stockholm

2011 PhD, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

2019 Asociate professor in Health Care Science, Karolinska Institutet

Academic honours, awards and prizes

2018 -2019 Two-year fellowship, received in competition, from the Strategic Research Area Health Care Science (SFO-V) at Karolinska Institutet. Fully financed during two years. 

2021 Awarded the KI Culture Prize 2021 for innovative work with the “DöBra” research program. From the motivation: “In their research, they have shown an outstanding ability to combine art and science to raise and investigate questions about dying, death and grief.”