Jan Vesterbacka

Affiliated to research

About me

He is a Swedish-speaking Finn originally from Ostrobothnia, who moved to Sweden and received the medical degree from Umeå Universitet in 1999. He works as a MD specialist in Infectious Diseases since 2006. He joined group Sönnerborg as a clinical collaborator in 2011, and got registered as a Ph.D. student April 2014.

His research is focusing on microbial translocation during HIV-1 infection with a special emphasis on elite controllers. We seek for the mechanism behind this phenomenon. The aim of the project is to identify factors contributing to the prolonged self-control of the virus in these subjects.

We will look at the distribution of immunological cells, and the expression of their markers. We will also investigate the composition of the gut microbiota in elite controllers and compare it with HIV-progressors` and healthy controls` gut flora.