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Jan Hagberg


Intervention and implementation research for worker health
Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM), C6

About me

My education includes among other things a Ph. D. in Statistics and I have pursued research on network analysis, random graphs, integer sequences, and information theory. Combinatorics in general and integer sequences in particular are my main areas in the mathematical/statistical field. Other interests are football, table tennis, chess, and why people believe in weird things. My current work at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, is mainly on statistical analyses of sick leave and work environmental data.

Five selected publications


1. Hagberg J. Hur ofta går idioten ut? I: Thorburn D, (red) Några tankar om utbildning, statistik och Stockholms universitet. Statistiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet, 1998. Återpublicerad i Qvartilen, 3, 2002.


2.  Hagberg J. General Moments of Degrees in Random Graphs. Research Report 2003:7, Statistiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet, 2003.…


3.  Westerlund H, Ferrie J, Hagberg J, Jeding K, Oxenstierna G, Theorell T. Workplace expansion, long-term sickness absence, and hospital admission. The Lancet, Volume 363, Issue 9416, 2004, 1193–1197.


4. Bergström G, Bodin L, Hagberg J, Aronsson G, Josepson M. Sickness presenteeism today, sickness absenteeism tomorrow? A prospective study on sickness presenteeism and future sickness absenteeism. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2009;51:629–638.


5. Hagberg J, Vaez M, Alexanderson K. Methods for analysing individual changes in sick-leave diagnoses over time. Work. 2010:36:283-293.


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