About me

I am a professor of Biological Dementia Research. I gained my diploma in medicine at Karolinska Institutet 1990, and started to do research already during my studies. I gained my PhD in 1991 with on the thesis "Covalent structures of hydrophobic surfactant polypeptides SP-B and SP-C".

Research description

My research vision is to apply basic biochemistry to solve medical and biological problems, and in the long run to develop new treatments of human diseases. We have designed a fully synthetic lung surfactant preparation for treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in premature infants and together with a pharmaceutical company taken it to phase II clinical development. We have also pioneered studies of a molecular chaperone, and recently shown that it has potent activity in Alzheimer disease mouse models, findings that we hope to take to human studies in the coming years. Finally, we have discovered how spider silk proteins assemble into fibers, and from this we have produced recombinant biological drugs as well as spun artificial silk. Much of this research has been performed in close, long-standing and fruitful collaborations with groups at KI as well as other universities and companies.

More about my research