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My research focuses on different aspects of rational use of medicines, in particular regarding management of infectious diseases in low-and middle-income countries (LMIC). Within this field my interest spans broadly from behavioural change and policy to pharmacokinetics and resistance mutations. Although my main focus is on LMIC, it also includes work in high-income settings, such as Sweden. I aim to develop models for improving treatment of infectious diseases that can be applied in both low- and high-resource settings. The major part of my work has a health systems approach but also includes clinical trials with pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenetic aspects and how these influence treatment outcome and practices.

I am affiliated to the Department of Global Public Health where I am member of the Health Systems and Policy Research group and the Improving Use of Medicines team. I co-coordinate the Sida funded KI-Makerere collaborative project "Innovations in the health system: interventions for improved treatment of infectious diseases in children in rural Uganda" (http://ki.se/en/phs/improving-use-of-medicines).

I am currently also academic coordinator for GlobeLife, a collaborations in global health research and training between Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University. https://globelife.se/about-globelife/


MD Karolinska Institutet

PhD Karolinska Institutet 2006: Managing childhood malaria in rural Tanzania - focusing on drug use and resistance

Since 2016 specialist physician in clinical pharmacology. Currently specialist trainee in infectious diseases.

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