Jenny Selander

Jenny Selander

Principal researcher

About me

I am an Associate Professor in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. I am a Research Group Leader and the Head of Unit of the Unit of Occupational Medicine at the Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet.

Research description

I study joint effects of exposure in Occupational and Environmental settings in relation to health effects. My focus however, is on noise, air pollution, vibrations and chemicals in the work and living environment in relation to health. Outcome measures I study include reproductive outcomes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. I am also involved in risk assessment, mainly regarding noise exposure and health.


Current projects



EU: Horizon HORIZON-ENVHLTH, (start jan 2024) Intercambio project, WP2 lead

EU: Horizon 2020: Exposome (start jan 2020), Equal-life project, WP7 lead,

EU: Horizon 2020: Exposome (start jan 2020), EPHOR project.


Nordic projects:

NORDSOUND, Occupational and residential noise exposure and health,

NOCCA - Occupational exposures and cancer in the Nordic Collaboration NOCCA .


National projects:

AFA, occupational exposures and cardiovascular disease,…),

FORTE - program grant - A sustaniable working life. 

FORTE - Occupational exposures during pregnancy and neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

Teaching portfolio

I am the Program director for the Master program in Work and Health at Karolinska Institutet. I teach Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Epidemiology and are a Course leader of the Worklife and health course 7,5 credits within the program. I have more then 400 hours of teaching behind me and I have initiated and developed the major transformation of the master program into a full-digital program with new pedagogical approaches.