About me

I joined the Medical Management Centre (MMC) in 2013 and defended my thesis "How can health care organizations create value? Business model explorations" (https://openarchive.ki.se/xmlui/handle/10616/46550) in December 2018.

The story of how and why I became a doctoral student at the MMC is multi-factorial and serendipitous. Early in my medical school studies I learnt to channel my frustration that arose from experienced inefficiencies by developing an interest in improving the curriculum for my fellow students. Eventually this interest became a naïve ambition as a junior doctor to learn how to redesign a health care system characterized by waste.

Making useful improvements in the health care system requires practical and theoretical medical and health care management knowledge. I think all these areas have mutually reinforcing influences that can lead to a better understanding of certain problems in health care.

My practical experience as a student and clinician that, among other things, involved reflective work in the hospital corridors, was valuable. I also had held various leadership positions in which I helped improve the education quality and the clinical environment. I had also worked as a management consultant in health care (for a brief period of time). Furthermore, I had on a scholarship acquired theoretical knowledge and skills in health care management in the United States. Given these experiences, the next “logical” step was to pursue a doctoral program at the MMC.


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