About me

I am a M.D. with training in general surgery and a Ph.D in epidemiology and biostatistics, under the supervision of Dr. Donghao Lu, Prof. Unnur Valdimarsdóttir, Dr. Emma Bränn, Dr. Jacob Bergstedt and Dr. Zheng Chang.

My research interest lies in immune regulation and women’s (mental) health. My doctoral thesis aims to examine the relationship between immune dysregulation and reproductive mood disorders(RMDs). This project leverages data from nationwide Swedish registers and prospective cohort studies from LifeGene and UK Biobank. Our findings are expected to significantly advance our understanding on the biological mechanisms underlying RMDs, and may offer concrete evidence on the long-term health impact of RMDs for healthcare providers and patients.

Research description

Selected Publications

Zhou J, Chen W, Liu Y, Qu C, Jiang W, Yin J, Lin J, Mao W, Ye B, Zhou J, Ke L, Tong Z, Liu Y, Li W. Trajectories of Lymphocyte Counts in the Early Phase of Acute Pancreatitis Are Associated With Infected Pancreatic Necrosis. Clin Transl Gastroenterol. 2021 Sep 22;12(9):e00405. 

Zhou J, Xue Y, Liu Y, Li XK, Tong ZH, Li WQ. The effect of immunonutrition in patients with acute pancreatitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis. J Hum Nutr Diet. 2021 Apr;34(2):429-439.

Zhang L, Wu Z, Zhou J, Lu S, Wang C, Xia Y, Ren H, Tong Z, Ke L, Li W. Electroacupuncture Ameliorates Acute Pancreatitis: A Role for the Vagus Nerve-Mediated Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway. Front Mol Biosci. 2021 May 13;8:647647. 

Yin J, Mao W, Xiao X, Yu X, Li B, Chen F, Lin J, Zhou J, Zhou J, Tong Z, Ke L, Li W. Immune Dysfunction is Associated with Readmission in Survivors of Sepsis Following Infected Pancreatic Necrosis. J Inflamm Res. 2021 Oct 20;14:5433-5442.