About me

I have a background as a clinical psychologist specializing in child and adolescent psychology. I'm also trained and have worked with railway and metro technology as a train driver, train traffic controller and technician.

Since 2016 I have been working as a consultant, mainly about preventing suicides and trespass at the Swedish rail network paralell with my work as a clinical pshychologist.

I am currently employed at the Center for Health Economics, Informatics and Healthcare Research (CHIS) at Region Stockholm and belong to the National Center for Suicide Research and Prevention (NASP) where my job consists of providing expert advise on minimizing suicides in the transport system. The role of expert also includes providing support to various regional and national infrastructure projects, as well as conducting research and innovation in the field.

I am trusted as project manager in a multi-year research project commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration with the intention of better understanding the occurrence and cause of suicidal acts at bridges, railways, and road traffic. 

I am particularly interested in scalable suicide prevention measures for the transport system.


Selection of publications

  • Fredin-Knutzén J, Andersson A-L, Hadlaczky G, Sokolwski M. Evaluating the effectiveness of preventing railway suicide by mid- track fencing which restrict easy access to high-speed train tracks; 2022. In press
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  • Wigren A, Fredin-Knutzén J. ”Obehöriga i Spår” ‒ Sambandet med tätorter. Analys och ågärdsförslag för att minska riskerna för personpåkörningar och förseningar på grund av “Obehöriga i Spår.”; 2019. TTT/JBS
  • ”Obehöriga i spår” i Göteborg – Branschgemensam utredning av två belastade sträckor i region väst; 2019. TTT/JBS
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International meetings

  • Fredin-Knutzén J. (2022-11-11). Implementation of Camera Surveyance for Suicide Prevention in the Stockholm Metro System [presentation]. Tresp-meeting, Danish Research Institute of Suicide Prevention (DRISP), Online.
  • Fredin-Knutzén J. (2022-09-30). Preliminary results from a pilot study evaluating lengthwise fences at exiting platform ends [presentation]. Tresp-meeting, International Union of Railways (UIC), London, UK.
  • Fredin-Knutzén J. (2022-08-25). Mid-track fencing prevents suicides at a railway station – a pilot study [presentation]. ESSSB 19, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Fredin-Knutzén J. (2022-07-01). Mid-track fencing prevents suicides at a railway station – a pilot study [presentation]. Tresp-meeting, International Union of Railways (UIC), Online.