About me

Johan Fritzell started at Aging Research Center (ARC) as Professor in Social Gerontology in January 2014 and is leading the sector of social gerontology within ARC. He is since October 2016 the Director of ARC. Before arriving at ARC he was Professor of Sociology at the Centre for Health Equity Studies (CHESS) at Stockholm University/Karolinska Institutet. He has also been a Research Director at the Institute for Futures Studies and was a member of the Governmental Swedish Welfare Commission.


Research description

Johan Fritzell has published extensively on population health, social and health inequalities, poverty and ageing in relation to social policies, often from a comparative perspective. He has had commission of trust in several national and  international organisations and governments, such as European Science Foundation, Nordic Council of Ministers, New Zealand Government, THL,  WHO and UNRISD. He has for long been a board member of the Luxembourg Income Study, is vice chair to the SAB of a Joint Programming Initiative, more years, better lives.  He was Co-PI to the NEWS project initiated in collaboration with Sir Michael Marmot and the WHO:s Commission on social determinants of health. He has been involved in several EU-framework programme (GINI and Drivers in FP7). 

He is presently PI for a number of national and international projects such as the SIA(Social Inequality in Ageing) project (3.25Million€) with leading ageing researchers from all Nordic countries http://www.sia-project.se/ and has presently research grants from the Marcus and Marianne Wallenberg Foundation, the Swedish Research Council (VR), the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working life and Welfare (Forte).  

He is presently Swedish coordinator and expert to the European Social Policy Network, European Commission.