Johan Lundin

Johan Lundin


My overall research goal is to study the use of digital methods and artificial intelligence to make medical diagnostics more accurate, efficient and safe.

About me

Currently, I hold a position as a Professor of Medical Technology at the Department of Global Public Health. I am also a Research Director at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), University of Helsinki, Finland.

My position as a Professor at KI is especially focused on digital diagnostics and medical artificial intelligence to support patient care. Specific research areas include image-based diagnostics of cancer, infectious diseases and burn injuries, with special emphasis on point-of-care solutions for resource-limited settings.

Research description

My overall research aims are to study the use of digital technologies and artificial intelligence for improvement of diagnostics and care of the individual patient. In addition to the research, I have together with my research group at FIMM and researchers at KI developed technologies for diagnostic decision support, for example cloud-based and mobile solutions that allow the diagnostic process to be performed remotely, by a human observer or using automated computerized analysis.

Some examples are the WebMicroscope Platform for cloud microscopy and the MoMic Project on mobile microscopy. The methods will aid in diagnostics at the point-of-care and aims to decrease the workload of local experts and enable task-shifting. To evaluate the feasibility of the methods, studies are carried out both in high and low resource settings.