About me

Since 2007, I have been working as a lecturer at the Department of Women's and Children's Health. In December 2018, defended my thesis entiteld Communication over language barriers in paediatric oncology care - A prerequisite for equity in care.

Since 2019, I'm an Assistant Professor at the Unit of education in childrens and adolescents health.

Within the framework as an assistant professor I am deeply involved in the design of courses on advanced level. I have a broad spectrum of pedagogical skills and good knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of the clinical and academy interactions. My professional background is as a specialist nurse in paediatric pain and pain-management and I have been working in specialized paediatric healthcare at Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital. My clinical field was primarily in neuropediatric- and neurosurgery care. I also have clinical experience from the Neuropathic Pain-Management Team at Spinalis Clinic. These experiences have given me a deep clinical knowledge in specialized paediatric care and a thorough knowledge in advanced nursing.

Since January 2019 I hold the following assignments at Dept WCH:

  • Academic Chairman of the Syllabus Council WCH
  • Member of the Education Board WCH
  • Member of the Education Board NVS
  • Member of the WCH Institute Council

Research description

Since 2018 I have a PhD and the overall aim of my research project was to investigate communication across language barriers in paediatric oncology care. The research project includes studies such as qualitative interviews with interpreters in childhood cancer care, methodology in questionnaire development and a national cross-sectional study with the questionnaire Communication Over Language Barriers-questionnaire (COLB-q).

Since 2019 I'm an affliate researcher in the research group at the Devision of Pediatric Neurology led by Eva Weidenhielm Broström. The research areas is about patient experiences in pediatric healthcare and the correlation with ethical climate and moral distress among healthcare professionals and implementation studies in pediatric rheumatology involving a new-diagnose-clinic (NDC) and a transition clinic for children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

Teaching portfolio

I'm a senior lecturer and examinator in the Study Programme in Specialist Nursing – Paediatric Care and I am a course leader and course developer in elective and independent courses at KI.

  • Paediatric Nursing, 15 credits
  • Child Health, with Focus on Paediatric and Family-centred Care, 7.5 credits
  • Paediatric Nursing, with Emergency Care Focus, 7.5 credits
  • Children's and Adolescents' Rights in Health Care, 7.5 credits
  • Implementing strategies in Helathcare Settings, 7.5 credtis


2019 Assitant Professor

2018 PhD in Medical Science, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

2005 Master of Science in Pain - Nursing - Processing, Lulea University of Technology, Luleå.

1998 Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, 120 credits at Karolinska Institutet,  Stockholm.

1998 Registered Nurse, SCC, Stockholm.