Josefin Edwall Löfvenborg

Josefin Edwall Löfvenborg

Affiliated to research

About me

I am a nutritionist and since 2010 employed at IMM. My research interest involves how dietary factors affect our health, in particular in relation to the the development of autoimmune diabetes.

Research description

My research aims to increase our understanding on the role of dietary factors in the development of autoimmune diabetes, an area in which knowledge is still very limited. I also study if, and how, genetic factors may influence these relationships. My work has mainly concerned LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults) and been based on data from the ESTRID Study, a large case-control study conducted at IMM. Thanks to external collaborations with the University of Cambridge and Linköping University, I have now expanded my studies in adults as well as extended my research to also include type 1 diabetes in children. The goal is to identify factors that may affect the development of disease, and that way in the long term reduce the incidence of autoimmune diabetes in both adults and children. 

I am also involved in the risk assessment work at IMM. 



  • Forte
  • Martin Rind Foundation
  • Swedish Nutrition Foundation

Teaching portfolio

I am involved in teaching within:

  • Epidemiology, doctoral level
  • Master's Programme in Public Health Sciences
  • Master's Programme in Global Health
  • Bachelor's Programme in Nutrition

I am also co-supervising a doctoral student within nutritional epidemiology and diabetes.


  • PhD in medical science, epidemiology, Karolinska Institutet, 2019
  • MSc Nutrition, Stockholm University, 2010