About me

My background is in molecular cancer biology, more specifically in the MYC family of proteins. MYC is one of the most deregulated genes in cancer and it plays crucial roles in cell biology and tumorigenesis. During my PhD, supervised by Prof. Javier León at University of Cantabria (Spain), I studied the MYC modulator MNT in depth. I described new MNT functions that are independent of its previous thought obligate partner MAX. I also described the interaction between MNT and REL, which connects the MYC and the NF-kB pathways. I had the chance to work with Dr. Peter J. Hurlin (Shriners Hospital for Children, Portland, US), expert in the MYC family of proteins, and Dr. Bigas and Dr. Espinosa (IMIM, Barcelona, Spain), experts in the NF-kB pathways, during two research stays. These experiences nourished my interest for molecular biology, for understanding every single detail of the transformation process. Now, at Prof. Arsenian-Henriksson group, I am using my knowledge about MYC to find therapeutic alternatives for the treatment of neuroblastoma, focusing on metabolism and the antioxidant response.