About me

I work as a HR specialist with the Competence Provision Unit in the central HR department at KI. Together with my five colleagues Jenny Wiklund Pasia, Anette Pinjemo, Lisa Rister, Mihaela Landén Mammos, and Ellen Tiala, we support the faculty board's recruitment committee in their activities. We also provide advice and support to HR and managers across the departments in how they can work with the recruitment of their senior lecturers/ professors'.

I am the point of contact for the following departments (teacher/ senior lecturers/ professors recruitment): BIONUT, CLINTEC, GPH, LIME, NEURO.


Email: julia.linder@ki.se

Tel. number: 0046 70-245 14 91



Assoc. CIPD HR

BScHons Business and International Relations

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