Research description

I am working with NMR spectroscopy, which is a powerful and non-invasive analysis tool to elucidate molecular structures and dynamics of molecules with varying size using the interaction of nuclear spins with radiofrequencies in a strong magnetic field. Many know the medical application of the MRT (magnetic resonance tomography) to create three dimensional images of the body and inner organs in a non-invasive way. We utilize the same physical effect - the zeeman effect - however to resolve molecular structures and dynamics.

My research interests cover method development for solution state NMR spectroscopy to overcome limitations in sensitivity and measurement time. Herein we are interested in the structure and dynamic of RNA in example ribosomial RNA or non-coding microRNAs to understand their role as well as with the goal to use them as potential drugs. Since many biological and medical relevant processes happen within cells our focus is to analyze RNA systems not only in vitro but also in the environment of living cells.

Teaching portfolio

2016 - 2020: Organic Chemistry and Instrumental Analytics - Chemistry Department, Technical University Darmstadt

Autumn term 2021: General and Organic Chemistry (GOC)


10/16 – 02/21 Technical University Darmstadt - Department of Chemistry Graduation: Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) Thesis title: Development of a toolbox of NMR techniques for structure elucidation and their application

10/10 – 06/16 Technical University Darmstadt - Department of Chemistry Graduation: Master of Science (graduated with honour) Thematic focuses: Physical and Organic Chemistry

09/01 – 06/10 Dreieichschule Gymnasium Langen Graduation: Abitur (graduated with honour)

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Doctoral fellowship of the "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes" 2018 - 2020

Award of the Dr. Anton Keller foundation at TU-Darmstadt 2016 for the master's thesis