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Juraj Secnik

PhD student

About me

2015/2016 - R&D trainee, focus on dementia and diabetes mellitus

2016 - Graduated from Charles University in Prague as medical doctor (M.D.)

2016 - Admitted to doctoral studies at Karolinska Institutet

Research description

My research is focused on two topics: 

1. Finding beneficial and damaging treatments in patients with diabetes mellitus and dementia. 

2. Determining how the metabolic changes in mid-life contribute to risk of dementia. 

The majority of my work is based on large Swedish registries and databases, mainly Swedish Dementia Registry (SveDem) and the Apolipoprotein-Related Mortality Risk Study (AMORIS). 

Teaching portfolio

Co-supervisor to master students:

2016/2017 - Pontus Dannberg (Medicine)

2017/2018 - Abbe Ulgrén (Biomedicine)

Co-supervisor to medical doctors:

2017 - Hamsah Al-Qashqri 

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