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Kalicharan Patra

Laboratory coordinator

Dementia Researcher
Laboratory Coordinator/ Lab Manager
Animal models, Human cohort studies, cell culture, and advanced biochemistry applied to Dementia, especially, AD and FTD.

About me

I am a dedicated dementia researcher, fueled by curiosity to unravel the complexities of Alzheimer's disease. With a diverse background spanning animal models, human cohort studies, cell culture, and advanced biochemistry, I am committed to advancing our understanding of neurodegenerative disorders. My journey began with a profound interest in animal models, which has allowed me to simulate the intricacies of Alzheimer's disease progression in controlled environments. I have seamlessly integrated my passion for understanding the human aspect by collaborating on cohort studies, bridging the gap between bench and bedside. Biochemistry and Antibody-Based Techniques: A true experimentalist at heart, I find solace in the world of biochemistry and cutting-edge antibody-based detection techniques. My skills in developing and implementing these methods have been instrumental in uncovering the molecular underpinnings of Alzheimer's disease. Biostatistics and Data Interpretation: Biostatistics isn't just numbers; it's the art of deriving meaning from data. I find joy in transforming raw data into meaningful insights that contribute to the broader scientific narrative. Troubleshooting and Flexibility: Research isn't always smooth sailing. My troubleshooting skills have been put to the test time and again, allowing me to navigate challenges with creativity and precision. Flexibility is my second nature, adapting to evolving research landscapes while staying focused on the bigger picture.