About me

My greatest interest is the interaction between biology and technology and how each of them can benefit from the other. This has led me to do a bachelor´s degree in biotehchnology at the University of Ljubljana, masters degree in biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet and finally brought me into a PhD in the field of organic bioelectronics. On one side, I would like to develop new tools to be used in and out of the lab for detecting, monitoring and describing biology. On the other I believe that we cannot but learn from nature and can benefit a lot by implementing its tricks in our technology.

Research description

In my PhD, I would like to make use of conducting polymers to create novel devices for detecting, monitoring and controlling bacterial growth. In an interdisciplinary approch we are combining materials science, chemical engineering, microbiology and medical science to address problems associated with bacterial colonisation of surfaces such as indwelling catheters. The aim is to create an intelligent material that will be able to detect and quantify the presence of bacteria and actively prevent their adhesion, proliferation and biofilm formation on the surface itself.


BSc in Biotechnology, University if Ljubljana, Slovenia.

MSc in Biomedicine, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.

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