About me

Senior Lecturer, 2019

Senior Researcher, 2015

Associate professor; Epidemiology, Karolinska Institutet 2012



Research description

My research is within the cardiovascular epidemiology area, with a general aim to increase the knowledge about cardiovascular risk factors to improve the scientific basis for primary and secondary prevention in women and men. In my group we specifically focus our research on cardio-metabolic related factors such as dyslipidemia, low-grade inflammation, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and diet. Women´s health is a specific area of interest, including research questions related to how the climacteric transition and hormone therapy influence future health. Another specific focus is the role of interactions between genetic and lifestyle factors. Among the cardiovascular diseases we are mainly studying fatal and non-fatal events of coronary heart disease, stroke, and aortic aneurysms.  

Teaching portfolio

Course organizer of “Hälsa i samhälle och miljö” (Health in society and environment), a 7-week course (12.5 credit points) term 11, KI Medical Program. The course integrates social medicine, occupational medicine, epidemiology, public health, global health, health risk assessment, law, and professional development.  

Member of the KI Medical Program Council, as chair of Theme 7.

Organizer of the element "Hälsa och samhälle" (Health and society) included in the Introductory course, term 1, KI Medical program.

Coordinator and examinant of medical student degree projects, term 8, KI Medical Program.

Regularly responsible for two doctoral level 1-week-courses at KI: Epidemiology II: Design of epidemiological studies and Cardiovascular Epidemiology

Member of the steering committee for the KI Doctoral Programme in Epidemiology.


2005, Doctor of philosophy, KI 

1999, Master of Medical Science with a major in Public Health, KI.

1997, Bachelor of Science in Public Health, KI.

1992-1996 Courses in Business economy, Law, French and Health Economy at Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics