Research description

Dr Karolina Eklöv is a specialist in surgery within the field of colorectal surgery, Fellow of the European Board of Coloproctology surgeon and a PhD student at KI Södersjukhuset.The PhD projects are related to different aspects of stoma problems in colorectal surgery. The first study about hernia incidence after loop ileostomy reversal showed a cumulative hernia incidence of 7,4%.

The second study is an ongoing multicenter RCT: Prevention of Hernia after Loop Ileostomy Reversal (PHaLIR). The participating centers are Södersjukhuset, Ersta, Södertälje, S:t Göran, Västerås and Torsby.

Thirdly we are looking at stoma formation in acute colorectal obstruction in Stockholm during the years 2005-2015. Hospitals in Stockholm treat these patients differently and we want to evaluate if this has any impact on the outcome.

We have also completed two studies regarding colorectal cancer and covid.

We have a collaboration with Tikur Anbessa Spezialized Hospital in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, and have finished data collection for two studies there,  "Colorectal surgery in Addis Abeba; Complications, quality of Life and Ostomy use". These studies aim to investigate the disease panorama in colorectal surgery, surgical complications and quality of life for patients with stoma in Addis Ababa.

Colorectal disease in general, and colorectal cancer in particular, represents a considerable burden of disease worldwide. Due to epidemiologic transition, the burden of disease due to colorectal illness is expected to increase in low and middle income countries. Very little research on surgical management of colorectal disease in such settings is avaliable and this makes development of best practices and appropriate solutions hard to create. The studies will describe current practices in colorectal surgery and will relate that to outcomes in terms of complications and quality of life. This will fill important knowledge gaps and the information can be used for policy making and advocacy. The project will also form a platform for collaboration between the study partners through which future research can be planned and implemented. The project and this partnership have potential to improve the care of patients with colorectal disease in Ethiopia.





Teaching portfolio

Clinical teaching

  • Responsible for the Specialist registrar program in surgery, Södertälje hospital, 2012-2014
  • Mentor in the Mentorship Program for medical students Karolinska University hospital (2010 – 2015)
  • 3 Supervisor Awards 2007, 2003, 2017 for interns and registrars 
  • Responsible for students teaching on the colorectal dep 2016-2017
  • Supervisor for registrars and interns
  • Teaching for interns
  • Responsible for colorectal rotation for the registrars