About me

I'm a reg occupational therapist, post doc researcher and lecturer at the Department of NVS, KI.

I defended my Ph.D. thesis in 2021, with the title:   "Assistive technology and Welfare technology explorations. Aspects of perception, utilisation and decision-making". 


Research description

My postdoctoral research is at the Division of Physiotherapy, NVS within the project Re@home https://ki.se/en/nvs/rehome-evaluation-of-home-rehabilitation-for-older-people 

My current area of research is re-ablement, accessibility, and participation in society for people with impairments, especially older adults. I am also interested in the enablers and barriers when home- and health care is provided in ordinary housing. 



Pettersson, C. , Baudin, K. & Hedvall, P. (2022). The struggle for access: a qualitative document study of how people using wheeled mobility devices experience exclusion and discrimination. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, 1-9

Baudin, K. , Sundström, A. , Borg, J. & Gustafsson, C. (2021). Decision-Making Is in the Making! Aspects of Decision-Making in the Area of Assistive and Welfare Technology: A Qualitative Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18 (8).

Frennert, S. & Baudin, K. (2021). The concept of welfare technology in Swedish municipal eldercare. Disability and Rehabilitation, 43 (9), 1220-1227.

Baudin, K. , Gustafsson, C. & Frennert, S. (2020). Views of Swedish Elder Care Personnel on Ongoing Digital Transformation: Cross-Sectional Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22 (6).

Baudin, K. , Mullersdorf, M. , Sundström, A. & Gustafsson, C. (2020). The Policies of Provision of Assistive and Welfare Technology: A Literature Review. Societies, 10 (1).



Teaching portfolio

I teach at the undergraduate level in the occupational therapy program, supervise thesis courses at the undergraduate and master levels,  and am a course leader. 


Ph.D. Care Sciences 

MSc Occupational Therapy

BSc Occupational therapy

BSc Behavioural Science (pedagogy, sociology, and psychology)