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Kay Sundberg

Lecturer senior

About me

I have a degree of nursing since 1981 and a specialist nursing excellence in oncology nursing. I have until 2007 been working actively  in health care - the last 10 years in palliative care - and thereafter completed a PhD in 2010. In my dissertation "Influence of childhood cancer on adult life. Quality of life, health status, sexual function and sense of coherence Among long-term survivors. "I studied self-reported health and quality of life in young adults who had cancer as a child. Today I work as a lecturer and unit manager at the Division of Nursing.

Research description

My research focuses on developing methods for patients to report signs and symptoms during treatment or ongoing disease while getting help and support with these at an early stage. The emphasis is on the implication of the patient's own statements and the experience of living with the disease and how this is handled in order to improve health and well-being. The research covers method development, intervention studies and implementation carried out in close collaboration between researchers, patients and clinicians.

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