About me

I graduated from Karolinska Institutet in 2013, as a "sjukgymnast", I have later chosen to change my credentials to physiotherapist. I have mainly worked in primary care clinically but also in sports medicine in handball and soccer at various levels. My research interest became greater when I studied for my master's in sports science at Linnaeus University. During my master's thesis, I contacted a tendinopathy researcher at Monash University. We are still in contact today and write articles together. I have now completely changed my research field, and I am doing my doctoral position at Pernilla Lagergren's group in oesophagal and gastric cancer.

Research description

In two of my sub-studies, I will use data from an ongoing cohort study on people who have undergone surgery for oesophagal cancer. Here I will investigate how disease-specific symptoms change over time and whether these have any association with a certain number of modifiable factors. I will also examine the prevalence of many health-related outcome measures up to 8 years after surgery. In a third study, I will collect self-care advice from gastric and oesophagal cancer patients and compile these.