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Keying Zhu

PhD student

Department and organisational affiliation:

Research description

My current research interest falls in the field of neuroimmunology with main focus on multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Alzheimer's disease (AD).  I'm doing my PhD in Robert Harris group, and we are trying to understand the role of microglia and peripheral-derived macrophages in CNS disorders. We aim to find applicable strategies to combat neuroinflammatory disorders by regulating dysfunctional microglia and other myeloid cells.


Zhu K, Pieber M, Han J, Blomgren K, Zhang X-M, Harris R, Lund H. Absence of microglia or presence of peripherally-derived macrophages does not affect tau pathology in young or old hTau mice. Glia 2020

Chen Y, Sun J, Chen W, Wu G, Wang Y, Zhu K #, Wang J #. miR-124/VAMP3 is a novel therapeutic target for mitigation of surgical trauma-induced microglial activation. Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy 2019 (# co-corresponding author).

Zhu K, Sun J, et al. Repurposing of omeprazole for oligodendrocyte differentiation and remyelination. Brain Research 2018.

Han J, Zhu K, Zhang X-M, Harris R. Enforced microglial depletion and repopulation as a promising strategy for the treatment of neurological disorders (Review). Glia 2018.

Lund H, Pieber M, Parsa R, Grommisch D, Ewing E, Kular L, Han J, Zhu K, Nijssen J, Hedlund E, Needhamsen M, Ruhrmann S, Guerreiro-Cacais AO, Berglund R, Forteza MJ, Ketelhuth DFJ, Butovsky O, Jagodic M, Zhang XM, Harris RA. Fatal demyelinating disease is induced by monocyte-derived macrophages in the absence of TGF-β signaling. Nature immunology 2018.

Zhu K, Sun J, Kang Z, Zou Z, Wu G, Wang J. Electroacupuncture Promotes Remyelination after Cuprizone Treatment by Enhancing Myelin Debris Clearance. Frontiers in neuroscience 2017.

Lou W, Chen Y, Zhu K, Deng H, Wu T, Wang J. Polyphyllin I Overcomes EMT-Associated Resistance to Erlotinib in Lung Cancer Cells via IL-6/STAT3 Pathway Inhibition. Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin 2017.


2014-2017 M.Sc, Department of Integrative Medicine and Neurobiology, Fudan University, Shanghai, China;

2009-2014 Bachelor's Degree, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou, China.

9-12/2010  Exchange Student, Dong-eui University, Busan, South Korea.           

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Travel Grant from European Federation of Immunological Societies and European Journal of Immunology (EFIS-EJI), 5th European Congress of Immunology (ECI 2018), Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Travel Grant from Scandinavian Society for Immunology (SSI), 5th European Congress of Immunology (ECI 2018), Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Best Poster Award, 14th Meeting of the Asian-Pacific Society for Neurochemistry (APSN 2016), Kuala Lumper, Malaysia.

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