Research Assistant

Khadija Salaheddin Salim Abunnaja

Research assistant

About me

I am a biologist, with a Masters of Science degree in Global Health from Karolinska Institute (KI) 2020. I am a research assistant at the department of Global Health at KI. 


My research focuses on qualitative methods and data analysis spanning different topics related to global health. Here are some of the projects I work on:

  • Vaccine Hesitancy in Sweden. The purpose of the study is to increase understanding of the reasons for not choosing some or all vaccinations by parents for their children (age 0-18). Increased understanding can help improve communication and respect between health providers and those who do not wish to vaccinate their children.


  • Contraceptives usage in Sweden. Through focused group discussions, our aim is to study the use of contraceptives among new arrivals to Sweden. The study provides important information for women's health and family planning.


  • Parenting across borders. The goal is to evaluate and understand the experience of migrant families with support program Parenthood in Sweden, which is designed to aid parents in adapting to a new society. The results were contrasted with published research on acculturation in different settings.