Kristin Feltmann

Affiliated to research

I am a researcher in the fields of substance use, prevention, psychiatry and neuroscience. My goal is to bring research into practice.

About me

I am a researcher at STAD at the Centre for Psychiatry Research in Stockholm. My research focuses mainly on the use of illicit drugs and alcohol in the nightlife but I am also involved in other projects, such as the work of authorities against open drug scenes. At STAD we develop interventions to reduce the use of drugs, alcohol and anabolic steroids to prevent problems associated with these substances. As substance use disorders and other mental disorders often cause a huge burden on a relatively young population, my goal is to contribute to reduce this burden. My background in neuroscience and addiction research helps me to make an argument for differences in potency of various substances, which should be regarded when discussing drug and alcohol policy.

Research description

In the EU-project Alama nightlife we study drug use patterns and trajectories in visitors of electronic dance music events. This project is a collaboration between Sweden, Belgium, UK, the Netherlands and Italy. It involves a variety of methods, such as online surveys, biological sampling as well as qualitative methods.





Master Biomedicine, Karolinska Institutet

PhD in Medicine, Karolinska Institutet