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Kristiina Tammimies

Assistant professor

Research description

The main focus of my research is to understand how genetic factors contribute to the etiology of neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) and how these factors translate into biological pathways affecting brain development. In specific projects, we are also aiming to investigate how genetic factors can be used to predict outcome of treatment and training that are used to help individuals with NDDs.

To answer these questions I’m using genome-wide techniques such as whole genome sequencing to identify genetic variation of all size ranges and analyze their consequences to genes, pathways and phenotypic outcomes with combination of bioinformatic and experimental approaches. 

Website for KIND Genomics:

Tammimies lab members

Martin Becker, post doc

Francesca Mastropasqua, post doc

Danyang Li, PhD student KI

Abishek Arora, PhD student KI

Cristina Soldini, master student 

Nelli Kalnak, affiliated member

Co-supervisor for the following students:

Lynnea Myers, PhD student

Torkel Carlsson, PhD student

Pei-Yin Pan, PhD student

Leilei Zhou, PhD student


Ielyzaveta Rabkina, research assistant and master student (KI)

Lea Ballenberger, bachelor student 2017 (University of Tuebingen)

Sofia Stamouli, bioinformatician 2015-2017

Veronika Nicolaou, bachelor student KI 2016

Viveka Moricz, master student 2015 UU


Swedish Research Council

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

Jeansson Foundations


Åke Wiberg Stiftelse


Karolinska Institutet's foundations and funds

Stockholm County Council (SLL/ALF)



Post-doctoral training, 2012-2014, The Centre of Applied Genomics, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

PhD 2011 Dep. Biosciences and Nutrition, Karolinska Institutet. Thesis title: Molecular studies of Dyslexia: Regulation and Function of DYX1C1

MSc, 2007, University of Oulu 

Academic honours, awards and prizes


2017 the Jeanssons Foundation personal award to particularly outstanding young researchers

2016 L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science-priset i Sverige med stöd av Sveriges unga akademi

2015 Ingvar Carlsson Award 6

2014 University of Toronto McLaughlin Centre Training Award

2013 ASHG/Charles J. Epstein Trainee Award for Excellence in Human Genetics Research – Semifinalist

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