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Kristina Palm

Senior researcher

About me

I a, a researcher at Karolinska Instiutet (KI) and co-lead with Johan Hansson the research group LEAD - Leadership, Evaluation, and Organisational Development. I am also head of the department of Applied Mechanical Engineering at KTH. I did my PhD at KTH on the thesis "The dangerous commitment"

Research description

My research embraces several, but connected, areas. The core of my publications is related to issues in the area of industrial work science and entails contributions in work environment, change management, project management, work extending technologies, management, and leadership – all with a special focus on the work situation of the individual. I conduct research in a broad range of organisations, from manufacturing industries to health care organisations. My research is mainly qualitative, but has lately also included quantitative research methods. 

In the following three years I will work with Ann Bergman from Karlstad University and Calle Rosengren from Lunds University on the AFA financed project "Roads to a sustainable digital working life". We will conduct interviews with employees, employees and their families, managers and HR professionals in order to learn more on how work in the digital era can be sustainable.

I am also doing research with colleagues from Karolinska Instituet, KTH and Uppsala University.

Teaching portfolio

Some examples of my teaching:

Karolinska Institutet - undergraduate education

  • Nurse program (leadership and group development)
  • Leadership and organisations development (change management and leadership)

Karolinska Institutet - postgraduate education

KTH - comissioned education



I also give lectures to academic managers where I connect the research on leadership with my own experiences on being a research group leader at KI and head of department at KTH.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

S:ta Ragnhildmedaljen, 2016

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